Get everyone in the same room? On the same conference call? Maybe in 1975. MDDXs TEAM application allows your Endpoint Adjudication or Clinical Events Committee to participate anywhere in the world, at any time, on their own time. Your entire workflow is modeled out in TEAM by granular user-permission controls at each step. Your team has immediate access to de-identified images, source documents, and eCRF data. Decision-making junctions allow you to efficiently route the case along its proper path.


Not sure where to start? As soon as you login, TEAM displays your prioritized list of assigned tasks. For a managerial view, authorized users can view the entire task-to-user assignment matrix. Notification systems keep you in the loop about when a new task has been assigned to you. TEAM handles all FDA 21 CFR Part 11/Annex part 11 audit trail requirements, along with HIPAA privacy requirements.


Not all endpoint evaluations pathways are the same. Different trials, conditions, or interventions need often be evaluated by their own unique pathways. TEAM can model out an unlimited number of custom workflows for your project. From simple to complicated designs, if you can draw it on paper, then TEAM can model even your most convoluted workflow.