Your research data has a story to tell
it should be an epic

Wisdom is that clinical trials are transactional. You test your hypothesis and move on.
You store your records for the retention period and then discard them.

We disagree.

We provide the technologies to unlock the secrets your data did not tell you the first time around.
We develop tools to help you gain insights from the data for the decades beyond datalock.

Our Story

MDDX was founded in 2008 by physicians, scientists, and software engineers who struggled to find affordable research applications to make their multicenter trials more efficient, yet scalable.

Over the years, we have developed nearly a dozen tools that have been used by thousands of researchers in dozens of global research trials. In 2013, we narrowed our focus and invented a novel platform for research image management with the goal of providing private, searchable online image repositories with a 20-year lifespan.

MDDX Today

We are our own first customer: we use our tools in our trials before they are released for public use.?MDDX’s tools are used in 43 countries.

We have teams in San Francisco, Research Triangle Park, Belgrade and Mumbai.

We provide support by real humans. We answer our phone and email in multiple time zones.

Year founded: 2008
Number of Research
Avg. Reduction in Data Clarification Rate: 99%

Our team

MDDX is led by Dan Gebow, PhD. The MDDX team consists of imaging research technologists, clinical research associates, data managers, compliance officers, and software engineers in four time zones equally spaced around the globe – giving us 24/7 operational coverage.

Our clients

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