Harness the power of our global cloud network to stop using outdated CDs. Our online system allows you to eliminate shipping times and costs while benefiting from Panorama’s rapid image QC screening. Within seconds of registering, hospital users can begin uploading images. Your team can be notified to download the images as soon as they are processed. After processing, you can designate who is responsible for the image-interpretation step and monitor their progress in real-time. When they finish their interpretation, custom reports can be generated and distributed manually or via our automated report distribution system.

Automated Compliance and Standardization

Moving Pictures completely removes the variability of improper image de-identification and mislabeling to ensure accuracy, conformance and efficiency of image analysis. Proprietary algorithms enforce DICOM compatibility ensuring true vendor neutrality.

All images are processed to meet DICOM conformance standards and to satisfy health-authority, security, and privacy regulations worldwide. To ensure tractability, unalterable and searchable audit trails record the data stream of all events.

James Parker
DOB: April 24, 1948
Memorial Hospital
Trial A1 Site 11 Subject 05
DOB: January 01, 1950
Site 11

Stay informed

Trial managers and monitors can now seamlessly stay in the loop about any event in any case of interest via immediate emails or a daily summary email. Have a high-priority subject visit you have been waiting for? Users can choose to “Follow a subject” and be alerted about any status change that occurs with any of that subject’s images.

The notification system is fully customizable, allowing email and text notification during user-selected events such as successful data submissions, image rejection, or a wide variety of other events.


With no special software or hardware to install, most research sites can begin using Moving Pictures immediately after registering. The image upload interface prevents erroneous data submission by employing web-based DICOM screening tools. We’ve designed a series of redundant, cloud-based data centers in major regions of the globe, minimizing upload time and facilitating rapid turn-around times.