Research image management

The Smart Submit promise is simple and guaranteed:

  • 100% de-identification of all DICOM
  • 100% browser-based uploading without software or hardware to install
  • 20-year secured image storage with instant retrieval at no cost

Our service eliminates the most problematic challenges inherent to clinical trial imaging, allowing you to focus on trial management instead of image management:

  • Eliminate shipping costs & delays due to batch shipping
  • Avoid compliance and legal issues due to improper de-identification and mislabeling
  • Protect against incompatible formats and data corruption
20 years
100% de-identification guarantee
15 years
10 years
5 years
100% adoption by our research sites
20-year image repository with site and lab performance metrics included

Real-Time Visibility

Smart Submit gives you complete status and performance visibility for all aspects of the image data collection and interpretation process in real-time. Meaningful data visualizations and insightful reports provide trial managers and research monitors with the tools to pinpoint bottlenecks, trace case paths, and benchmark research site and core lab performance.

Smart Submit empowers researchers with unprecedented transparency into the status of each DICOM case during the transport, de-identification, and core lab interpretation stages.

Automated Compliance and Standardization

Smart Submit completely removes the variability of improper image de-identification and mislabeling to ensure accuracy, conformance, and efficiency of image analysis. Proprietary algorithms enforce DICOM compatibility, ensuring true vendor neutrality.

All images are processed to meet DICOM conformance standards and to satisfy health-authority, security, and privacy regulations worldwide. To ensure tractability, unalterable and searchable audit trails record the data stream of all events.

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Anyone who has worked with image data in clinical practice knows that the DICOM standard is an unrealized ideal. Valuable resources must often be spent merely gathering usable and accurate image data for clinical trials. Moreover, verifying that de-identified images are from the correct subject or visit can be harrowing for even the most seasoned Clinical Research Associate. MDDX eliminates the guesswork by employing intensive screens for image integrity using a rule framework generated from processing over 5 million DICOM files. Moreover, data accuracy is assured using proprietary tracking mechanisms with multiple checkpoints throughout the image’s lifecycle.

We handle the queries

MDDX has built image management so you don’t have to. Lighten the workload on your site monitors by using our imaging expertise.

Medical-image data creates different challenges than standard clinical data. MDDX Image QC staff acts as your CRA by assessing image data integrity and accuracy and then working directly with sites to resolve any inconsistencies before the images go to the lab. When the query originates from a core lab, Smart Submit becomes a blinded agent between the imaging core lab and the research site to resolve the issue.

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Smart Submit


Protect valuable image data from data loss due to accidental or malicious damage. The RELIC image repository stores both online and offline versions of your image data, ensuring health authority compliance. Our investment in state-of-the-art security allows you to focus your trial’s funds on research instead of becoming experts in medical data warehousing.


With no special software or hardware to install, most research sites can begin using Smart Submit immediately after registering. The image upload interface prevents erroneous data submission by employing web-based DICOM screening tools. We’ve designed a series of redundant, cloud-based data centers in major regions of the globe, minimizing upload time and facilitating rapid turn-around times.